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University of Houston-Victoria



Adding an Event Request through the Open Entry Submission Form

This form may include any of the following options:

  • Event Categorization for Marketing - The ability to select one or multiple category(s)/subcategory(s) for where you would like your event to be placed on this organization's marketing calendar(s).
  • Event Facility Request - The ability to search and find an available facility for hosting your event and make a request to the facility owner for approval of your room reservation.
  • Event Resource Request - The ability to select from a resource category/subcategory drop-down menu to see resources that may be available for use at your event. If you see a resource that you would like to request; click the ADD button beside that resource in order to add it to your event request and the appropriate owner of that resource will process your request.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see any of the options listed above (marketing, facility request or resource request) on this form, than it may be that this option has been disabled and is not available through this form.

How to Submit an Event

    Complete the form provided. Certain fields on the open event submission form are required and some are optional. Any field that is marked with an asterisk (*) is a required field and must be completed before you can finalize your event submission. Other details regarding each field are noted below.

    Event Submitted By
    Any information entered in this area is for event processing only and will never be displayed with the Calendar event details if approved for posting.

    • *First Name: This field supports up to 50 maximum characters.
    • *Last Name: This field supports up to 50 maximum characters.
    • *Email: This field supports up to 100 maximum characters. Be sure to check your email address carefully so that a Calendar administrator can contact you if there is a question with your event submission.

    Event Information

    • *Event Name: This field supports 100 maximum characters.
    • Event Categorization: You may select one, multiple or all Category(s) or Category(s)/Subcategory(s) from the list box provided. Click the checkbox beside of the Category/Subcategory that you would like to add your event for classification on the Calendar.
    • *Event Description: This field supports 8,000 maximum characters. HTML can be entered within this field. You can also enter a hypertext link in this field using "http://", "https://" or "www." and the hypertext link will be automatically created for you once the event is approved and posted live to the Calendar.
    • Upload Image: You may browse and upload an image that will display along with the other event details. The image must be either a .GIF or a .JPG and the maximum file size should not exceed 80K. The maximum pixel size of an uploaded image when displayed to the visitor on any screen is 280 X 280 pixels. The aspect ratio of any image that you upload will remain constant.
    • Image Alt Text:This text field allows you to enter image alt text if an image has been uploaded. The alt attribute is used to specify text which will be displayed in place of your image if the image cannot be viewed for any reason. The image alt text is required if any image has been uploaded. This field supports 75 maximum characters.
    • Event Schedule
      The only information required for the event schedule is the start date. All other fields are optional for selection.

      • *Start Date: You may select from the drop-downs provided for month, day and year.
      • All Day: You may use this checkbox if you would like to designate that your event is an "All Day" event and has no specific start or end time.
      • Start Time: If you would like to designate a start time for your event, you may select the appropriate hour and minutes from the drop-downs provided.
      • *End Date: This field will automatically default to the date selected to start the event. You may choose a different end date if your event spans across multiple days. You may select from the drop-downs provided for month, day and year.
      • End Time: If you would like to designate an end time for your event, you may select the appropriate hour and minutes from the drop-downs provided. If you would like your event to end at midnight on the end date selected, then choose the checkbox for "End at Midnight".
      • Recur Type: If your event is part of a recurring series and follows a specific pattern, you may select that recurring pattern from this drop-down.
      • Number of Occurrences: If you have selected to repeat your event, you will be required to select the number of repeating occurrences you would like for your event series. As you change this selection, the Calendar submission form will show you the date of the last occurrences in your series.
  1. Once you have completed the necessary event information, click the "SUBMIT" button to finalize your entry and see a preview of your event details.

  2. Review your event preview. If you would like to make changes to any of the information, click the "BACK" button at the bottom of the preview screen. If you are ready to finalize your event submission, click the "SUBMIT" button.

  3. You will then see a confirmation screen that your event has been successfully submitted for consideration. Please print the final confirmation screen for your records. You will also receive an email confirmation with the event details submitted. Please be sure to keep a copy of this confirmation email since it will include a link to withdraw your event submission if you need to in the future.

    The event will be reviewed by the appropriate Calendar administrator(s) and you will be notified via email once it is approved or denied for inclusion on the Calendar.

Withdrawing your Event from the Calendar
You may withdraw your event request from consideration at any time. You must have a copy of your original confirmation email in order to perform the automated withdraw option. Click the link included in your confirmation email and you will be asked to confirm that you want to withdraw the event. Click "Yes" to confirm the withdraw/delete action or "No" to exit out of the withdraw option.